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Volume 9 No. 3.



Thoughts from A Surgeon For Adults Towards A Paediatric Surgeon

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Page 6-8

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Antegrade Ballon Dilatation of Pelvi-Ureteric Junction Obstruction in Infants and Children

Hilal Matta, Aymen Saleh, Ahmed H. Al-Salem

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Pages 8-12

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The Scarless Umbilical Port Insertion (SUPI) Technique for Laparoscopic Surgery in Children

Caroline Mary Smith, Thomas Tsang

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Pages 13-16

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Smartphone Technology - The Way Forward in Improving Aftercare for Cultural Circumcision 

Waseem Rawdah, Raj Lahiri, Anies Mahomed

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Pages 17-19

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Outcomes of Onlay Island Flap Technique in Shallow Urethral Plate Hypospadias - a 3 Years’ Experience

Leily Mohajerzadeh, Ahmad Khaleghnejad, Naser Sadeghian, Alireza Mirshemirani, Mohsen Rozroukh, Alireza Mahdavi, Sareh Pourhassan

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Pages 20-24

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Colonic Perforation in a Nursing Infant as the Initial Presentation of Hirschsprung’s Disease. Is There a Relation with Prokinetics Use?

Nestor Martínez Salcedo,Paulino Martinez Hernandez-Magro,Claudia Robledo Monterrubio

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Pages 25-28

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Surgical Management of Pathological Aerophagia – A Case Report

Clare Skerritt, Catherine J Bradshaw, Astor Rodrigues, Kokila Lakhoo

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Pages 29-31

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Major Pancreatic Duct Papilloma: A Rare Entity in Children

Hemonta Kr Dutta, Diganta Saikia

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Pages 32-33

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Mesenteric Cyst Mimicking Malrotation – A Case Report

Gregory J Shepherd, Ross Fisher

2015 | Volume 9 | No.3 |  Pages 34-36

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