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Volume 8 No. 4


Genomics in Pediatric Surgery 

Devendra Gupta and Neetu Singh

2014 | Volume 8 | No.4 |  Page 7

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Recurrent Intussusception in Infants

Ali Ghribi, Sondes Sahli, Nada Sghairoun, Fatma Fitouri, Manef Gasmi, Mourad Hamzaoui

2014 | Volume 8 | No.4 |  Pages 8-10

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Undescended Testis in Relation with Parental Occupations

Zavate Andrei Calin, Ovidiu Ciobanu, Ion Georgescu, Livioara Zavate, Corneliu Sabetay

2014 | Volume 8 | No.4 |  Pages 12-15

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Umbilical Hernias in Children, Are They Innocent?

Ike Njere, Hemant Kumar, Sadaf Kader, Dorothy Kufeji, Ahmed Said, Masih Kader

2014 | Volume 8 | No. |  Pages 16-20

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Predictors of Histological Evidence Suggestive of Risk of Recurrence Following Conservative Management for Appendicular Mass

Caroline M. Smith, CK Sinha, James Corbett, A B Mathur

2014 | Volume 8 | No.4 |  Pages 22-26

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Neonatal Gangrene of the Extremity: A Report of Three Cases and Review of the Literature

Ahmed H. Al-Salem, Mohamed Ibrahim Naga, Ashraf A. Alnosair, Mohamed Ramadan Abdallah 

2014 | Volume 8 | No.4 |  Pages 28-32

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Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia with Partial Gastric Volvulus Simulating As Pneumothorax

Bilal Mirza, Muhammad Saleem

2014 | Volume 8 | No.4 |  Pages 34-36

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Manoover Management of Sacrococcygeal Teratoma In A Very Low Birthweight Extreme Premature Infant: A Case Report

C. Holbrook, T. Tsang, J. Clibbon, A. B. Mathur

2014 | Volume 8 | No.4 |  Pages 38-41

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Diamond Black Fan Syndrome and Its Association with Portal Cavernoma

Kashif Chauhan, Naveed Alizai

2014 | Volume 8 | No.4 |  Pages 42-46

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