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Volume 8 No. 1


Steps Towards Future In Neonatal Care At The “M. S. Curie” Hospital

Cirstoveanu Catalin

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Page 6

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The Incidence Of Negative Appendicectomy Among Teenage Girls

Ike Njere, Nada Sudakharan, Ruth Nash, Bruce Okoye

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Pages 8-12

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Teratoma in Infants and Children

Ahmed H. Al-Salem, Mustafa Hamchou, Akhter Nawaz, Hilal Matta

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Pages 14-21

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The Catheterizable Content Urinary Stomas in Pediatric Population - our experince in 8 cases

Iulia Straticiuc-Ciongradi, I. Sarbu, Elena Tarca, Doina Nedelcu, R. Russu, S. G. Aprodu

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Pages 22-24

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Congenital Megalourethra

Ramnik Patel Abraham Cherian, Francisca Yankovic, Naima Smeulders, Divyesh Desai, Peter Cuckow

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Pages 26-29

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Surgical Management of Complete Ureteral Duplication with Ectopic Ureter

Radu N. Balanescu, Laura Topor, Ruxandra Caragata, Andreea Moga, Gabriel Dragan

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Pages 30-34

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Haemorrhagic Fimbrial Cyst Leading To Fallopian Tube Torsion In A Young Girl-Successful Laparoscopic Detorsion And Tubal Preservation

Ramnik Patel, Indranil Dutta, Rani Prajwala, Janet Cresswell

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Pages 36-39

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Radial Head Subluxation: Fall Is A Frequent Mechanism Of Injury In 512 Cases

Grauel F, Rothe K, Maerzheuser S

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Pages 40-44

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Glue Ear – A Silent Disease In Children
Simona Serban

2014 | Volume 8 | No.1 |  Pages 44-47

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