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Volume 7 No.3


Logo GECIFollowing the decision of General Assembly of GECI we publish the abstracts from the joint meeting:

3rd Annual Meeting of European Society of Paediatric Endoscopic Surgeons - ESPES & 22nd Congress of GEC (Groupe d'Etude en Coeliochirurgie)

26-28 September 2013

Marseille, France 



Editorial - by Professor Henri Steyaert


 Journal of Pediatric Surgical Specialties is publishing in this number the abstracts presented at the congress:


Session I - Gastro-intestinal 1   

Laparoscopic staplled cecal tube for ACE in a child after Ladd's procedure and appendectomy for malrotation    [Abstract]

Paul Philippe, Cindy Gomes, Jerry Kieffer, Monika Glass


Laparoscopic partial splenectomy: Is it possible? What is it for?    [Abstract]

Isabelle Lacreuse, François Becmeur, Raphael Moog, Clémence Klippel, Valérie Flaum, Anne Schneider 


Trans-hiatal laparoscopic resection of an intrathoracic esophageal duplication in a 6 months old boy   [Abstract]

Mengu Ma Tooh, Sabine Vasseur Maurer, Olivier Reinberg 


Laparoscopic repair of Morgagni diaphragmatic hernia in children. An origical technique (About 14 Cases)    [Abstract] 

Fouad Ettayebi, Houda Ouubejja, Hicham Zerhouni, Mounir Erraj


Poster I - Gastrointestinal 1 

Laparoscopic gastric fundoplication in children under 6 kg: As well as in older children?   [Abstract]

Vladimir Gomola, Jerome Viala, Philippe Sachs, Sophie Soudée, Alaa El Ghoneimi, Arnaud Bonnard 


An unusual cause of antro-pyloric stenosis in a child   [Abstract]

Mario Mendoza-Sagaon, Flurim Hamitaga, Natalia Voumard, Karen Herreman-Suquet


Session II - Thorax  

Is thoracoscopy for mediastinal tumors in children efficient and safe?   [Abstract]

Majid Alkhamis, François Varlet, Manuel Lopez, Hélène Martelli, Philippe Montupet, Guérin Florent 


Our experience of unilateral thoracoscopic thymectomy in children allowed us to simplify the procedure of pectus excavatum correction   [Abstract]

Aurore Bouty, Marie Dabilly, Frederic Lavrand, Pierre Vergnes, Eric Dobremez


CCAM and sequestration: two standpoints for a single condition   [Abstract]

Lucile Fievet, Xavier-Benoit D’Journo, Benoit Dubus, Jean-Michel Guys, Pascal Thomas, Thierry Merrot, Pascal De Lagausie


Minimal invasive lung-sparing resection below 1 year of age  [Abstract]

Sabine Vasseur Maurer, Anthony de Buys Roessingh, Olivier Reinberg


Preliminary study of efficacy for dynamic compression system in the correction of pectus carinatum  [Abstract]

Manuel Lopez, Olivier Tiffet, Eduardo Perez, Arnaud Patoir, Aurelien Villard, François Varlet 


Session III - Urology   

UPJ obstruction and lower pole crossing vessels: further experince with the laparoscopic vascular hitch   [Abstract]

Villemagne Thierry, Fourcade Laurent, Szwarc Caroline, Camby Caroline, Lardy Hubert, Leclair Marc-David


Session IV - Gastro - Intestinal 2   

Total laparoscopic approach for choledocho lithiasis is doing as well as the shincterotomy   [Abstract]

Benedicte Boimond Aulagne, Annabel Paye Jaouen, Souhayl Dahmani, Guilaine Ithier, Alaa El, Ghnoneimi, Arnaud Bonnard


Immediate preoperative spleen embolisation males laparoscopic splenectomy a safer procedure   [Abstract]

Erwin Van Der Veken, Marc Laureys, Chantal Lerminiaux, Luisa Divano, Henri Steyaert


Poster II - Urology 

The posterior urethral valves: about 50 cases   [Abstract]

Souhem Touabti, Soualili Zineddine


Session V - Miscellaneous 

Assessment of robotic surgery in small children   [Abstract]

Quentin Ballouhey, Véronique Carcauzon-Couvrat, Daniel Bérenguer, Sophiane Derbal, Marion Beurdeley, Asma Grimaudo, Bernard Longis, Laurent Fourcade


Video-thoracoscopic surgery for encircling and symptomatic aortic arch anomalies in children: a retrospective comparative study versus thoracotomy  [Abstract]

Yohann Robert, Pierre Yves Rabattu, Youssef Teklali, Chantal Durand, Christian Piolat


Preliminary experience in single incision laparoscopic surgery  [Abstract]

Guillaume Podevin, Cynthia Garignon, Francois Bastard, Emilie Eyssartier, Francoise Schmitt


Session VI - Gastro-Intestinal 3 

Evaluation of the single port trans-umbilical laparoscopic assisted appendectomy for non-complicated and perforated appendicitis in children   [Abstract]

Alexis P Arnaud, Juliette Hascoet, Audrey Guinot, Edouard Habonimana, Olivier Azzis, Benjamin Fremond


Poster III - Miscellaneous 

A training model in thoracoscopic surgery for esophageal atresia  [Abstract]

Hossein Allal


Teaching pediatric surgery using medical simulation: current situation in France in 2013  [Abstract]

Emilie Eyssartier, Jean Bréaud, Hubert Lardy, Jérome Berton, Jean-Claude Granry, Guillaume Podevin 


Post operative chest X ray after thoracoscopic resection for pulmonary malformation: Useless?  [Abstract]

Arnaud Bonnard, Ahmed Kheniche, Marie Noelle Lebras, Dominique Berrebi, Alaa El Ghoneimi


Endoscopic management of recurrent tracheoesophageal fistula with trichloroacetic acid chemocauterization: a preliminary report  [Abstract]

Manuel Lopez, Jean Michel Prades, Francois Varlet


Putative criteria for predicting spontaneous regression of prenatally diagnosed thoraco-abdominal cystic lesions    [Abstract]

Jean François Lecompte, Geraldine Hery, Guillaume Gorincour, Nicole Philip, Pascal de Lagausie


Laparoscopic splenectomy for tumor in children: Report of an exceptional etiology. Do you know SANT?   [Abstract]

Christian Pioplat, Yohann Robert, Ionella Nechifor, Hervé Testard, Blandine Fabre, Marie Parrens, Jérôme Duret, Corinne Alla, Dominique P;amtaz 


Technical trick for diaphragmatic plication in congenital diaphragmatic eventrations: the clamp  [Abstract]

Jean François Lecompte, Geraldine Hery, Pascal de Lagausie


Thoracoscopic management of congenital diaphragmatic hernia: single center experience  [Abstract]

Antoine Liné, Francis Lefebvre, Aurélien Binet, Caroline François-Fiquet, Marie-Laurence Poli-Mérol