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Volume 3 No.2


This issue was conceived in collaboration with “Société Française de Chirurgie Pédiatrique” (French Society of Pediatric Surgery)

Special thanks to Prof. Michel Robert and Prof. Lionel Coupris, Consultants Pediatric Surgeons

66th Congress of the French Society of Pediatric Surgery (66eme Congrès de la Société Française de Chirurgie Pédiatrique)

50th Anniversary of the French Society of Pediatric Surgery 

3- 5 June 2009,  Angers, France


50th Anniversary of the French Society of Pediatric Surgery - Editorial by Prof . Michel Robert


About the latest advances in fetal surgery. Some ethical reflections. by Prof. Denys PELLERIN


 Journal of Pediatric Surgical Specialties is publishing in this number the abstracts presented at the congress:



Study comparing the cost of primary and delayed surgery for appendicular masses and abscesses    [Abstract]

C. Raquillet, T. Blanc, E. Carricaburu, A. Paye-Jaouen, A. El Ghoneimi, A. Bonnard  


Franz tumour: Is a large resection always justified?    [Abstract]

M. Campanile, A. Nicolas, S. Lebel, JM. Guys , P. de Lagausie 


Severe pancreatic trauma in children    [Abstract]

M Hamzy, A Engelis,K Schaarschmidt, P Laizans, J Sveklis, T Sarajeva, JP Canarelli 


Peritonitis following gastroduodenal ulcer perforation in children: a report of 4 cases    [Abstract] 

O. Ndour, J. Bansouda, ALF. Fall, DM. Alumeti, C. Diouf, G. Ngom, M. Ndoye


Neurochemical phenotype maturation of the enteric nervous system correlated to the evolution of the colonic motor response in newborn rats    [Abstract]

P. de Vries, R. Soret, M. Neunlist, Y. Heloury 


Virilisation and juvenile granulosa cell tumor of the ovary: pathophysiology and prognostic consequences    [Abstract]

N. Kalfa, G. Méduri, P. Philibert, C. Patte, B.Boizet-Bonhouré, M. Fellous, E. Thibaud, C. Pienkowski, F. Jaubert, M. Misrahi, RB. Galifer, Ch. Sultan


The adolescent bariatric surgery: a new legitimate field but necessarily framed in the pediatric surgical activity    [Abstract] 

D. Weil, R. Azoulay, E. Eyssartier, R. Coutant, N. Bouhours, F. Gatelais, J. Malka, J-L. Giniès, X. Deriès, L. Coupris


Surgical treatment of the congenital portocaval fistula in children    [Abstract]

T. Blanc, S. Franchi-Abella, S. Branchereau, V. Lambert, O. Soubrane, D. Pariente, O. Bernard, F. Gauthier


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in children and adolescents with sickle cell anaemia    [Abstract]

M. Fall, G. Ngom, B. Fall, M. Ndoye


Balloon sphincteroplasty for common bile duct lithiasis in a 10-week-old infant    [Abstract]

D. Kalfa, M. Barthet, K. Chaumoître, M. Panuel, F. Sabiani, P. Alessandrini, T. Merrot


Surgical management of splenic epidermoid cysts in children   [Abstract]

A. Targnion, E. Habonimana, O. Azzis, B. Fremond


Posttraumatic splenic artery pseudo-aneurysm in children   [Abstract]

D. Weil, Y. Lefevre, E. Dobremez, N. Sipitca, L. Coupris, P. Vergnes P


Improvement of digestive lesions in gastroschisis after antena- tal corticosteroid therapy in a mouse model   [Abstract]

F. Auber, ME. Noché-Monnery, S.Boudjemaa, S. Coulomb-L'Herminé, G. Trugnan, S. Sarnacki, G. Audry


Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery: how to select the right in- dications after 18 months of pediatric experience?   [Abstract] 

G. De Lambert, H. Lardy, H. Braik, C. Szwarc, A. Le Touze, M. Robert


The interest of laparostomy and suction dressing of wound (or Vacuum Pack) for the treatment of abdominal compartment syndrome: report of one case   [Abstract]

C. Jacquier, C. Piolat, M. Cartal, Y. Teklali , O. Enache, L. Meite, JF. Dyon


Intestinal radioprotection by inflatable prosthesis in the pelvic and retroperitoneal sarcoma, in children: experience of 3 cases   [Abstract]

M. Bonnevalle , B. Coche , R. Sfeir , E. Aubry , P. Leblond , AS. Thomassin - Defachelles


Is small bowel flood necessary to confirm the reduction of intussusception?   [Abstract]

H. Yengui, O. Ghrairi, S. Ghorbel, F. Nouira, A. Charieg, R. Khemakhem, S. Jlidi, B. Chaouachi


Usefulness of intra-vesical pressure measurement in the acute phase of ulcero-necrotizing enterocolitis   [Abstract]

A. Bonnard , E. Carricaburu , C. Alberti , L. Maury , C. Saizou , A. El Ghoneimi , S. Dauger


Psoas primary abscess in children from Senegal   [Abstract]

IE. Bahlaoui, G. Ngom, O. Ndour, DM. Alumeti, M. Ndoye


Unilateral inguinal hernia in premature boys: unilateral or bilateral surgery?   [Abstract]

E. Dessalces, JC. Gouli, G. Andrianandraina, M.Coquet, A. Bulluggiu, M. Lopez, MP. Guibal, D. Forgues, H. Allal, . Morisson- Lacombe, RB. Galifer, N. Kalfa


Laparoscopic treatment for inguinal hernia in children: is there a benefit? report of a series of 596 patients operated in 15 years   [Abstract]

Ph. Montupet


Umbilical hernia in children from Burkina Faso: differences from the developed countries   [Abstract]

E. Bandré, RAF. Kaboré, A. Sanou, I. Ouedraogo, O. Sore, T. Tapsobat, A. Wandaogo, A. Liard, B. Bachy


Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: infectious or viral aetiology?   [Abstract]

JN. Mcheik, V. Couvrat, S. Maurin, ME. Gatibelza, , C. Grosos, J. Gaudin, G. Levard


Surgical management of the antenatally diagnosed intestinal malrotation   [Abstract]

O. Maillet, H. Allal, D. Forgues, N. Kalfa, R.B. Galifer


Chloride or sodium diarrhoea: a trap in the antenatal diagnosis   [Abstract]

D. Weil, E. Eyssartier, Y. Montchot, JL. Giniès, F. Boussion, L. Coupris


Models of keratinocyte cell culture of the foreskin   [Abstract]

JN. Mcheik, V. Couvrat, ME. Gatibelza , S. Maurin , C. Grosos , C. Barrault , FX. Bernard , J. Gaudin , G. Levard .


Is the risk of intestinal obstruction because of fibrous bands diminished by laparoscopic appendicectomy in children?   [Abstract]

C. Kaselas, F. Molinaro, I. Lacreuse, R. Moog , I. Kauffmann, F. Becmeur


Is the pedagogical value of the morbidity-mortality meetings proved?   [Abstract]

F. Auber, I. Boutron


Long term morphologic and histological study of partial ob- structive uropathy in newborn mice   [Abstract]

N. Botto , R. Azoulay , M. Peuchmaur , A. El Ghoneimi



Small pelvic dilatation in the fetus – long post-natal surveillance?   [Abstract]

A. Le Mandat, P. Galinier, L. Carfagna, J. Moscovici


Revealing circumstances of hydronephrosis in children and inferior polar pedicle   [Abstract]

JL Lemelle, V Gomola, G de Miscault, A Ranke, M Schmitt


Laparoscopic Lich-Gregoir uretero-vesical reimplantation in children   [Abstract]

M. François, M. Lopez, E. Guye, F. Lardellier, F. Varlet


Cohen ureteral reimplantation under pneumovesicoscopy for vesico-ureteral reflux in children: 5 years of experience   [Abstract]

JS. Valla, J. Lauron, H. Steyaert, AL. Fragoso, P. Arnaud, R. Léculée.


Pyeloplasty through robot-assisted laparoscopy: preliminary experience in pediatrics   [Abstract]

M. Marteau, K. Braik, C. Szwarc, H. Lardy


Pelviureteral junction resection by retroperitoneoscopic approach versus open apporoach in children. 7 years of experience   [Abstract]

JS. Valla, J. Lauron, J. Breaud, R. Léculée, H. Steyaert


Bilateral nephrectomy under retroperitoneoscopy in children: indication and feasibility   [Abstract]

J. Grinholtz, A. Paye-Jaouen, A. Bonnard, T. Kwon, C. Lejeune, A. El Ghoneimi.


Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy in children less than 2 years of age   [Abstract]

A. Schneider, M. Ripepi, C. Henry, S. Geiss


Inter-ureteral anastomosis in the treatment of pathogenous ureteral duplications: indications, results (a series of 32 patients)   [Abstract]

F. Benzaghou, S. Lortat-Jacob


Sacral neuromodulation for continence problems in children: multicentric study   [Abstract]

M. Haddad , D. Aubert , R. Besson , P. Ravasse , JL. Lemelle , A. El Ghoneimi , J. Moscovici , F. Hameury , G. Hery , JM. Guys


Continent vesicostomy by cutaneous flap: a good alternative   [Abstract]

M. Pons, C. François-Fiquet, D. Chaouadi, M. Belouadah, F. Lefebvre, s. Poret, M.A. Bouche-Pillon, G. Lefort, s. Daoud, M.L. Poli Merol


Combined endoscopic approach for the treatment of urinary incontinence of neurologic origin in children   [Abstract]

M. Haddad , G. Karsenty , G. Hery , D. Planche , JM. Guys


Quality of life of adults with extrophy-epispadias complex   [Abstract]

V. Wittmeyer, E. Aubry, A. Liard, P. Grise, P. Ravasse, J. Ricard, RH. Priso, J. Biserte, B. Herbaux, R. Besson


Severe hypospadias: long term follow-up with 3 different surgical techniques   [Abstract]

D. Gorduza, E. de Mattos et Silva, CL. Gay, M. Catti, AF. Valmalle, D. Demede, F. Hameury, PY. Mure, P. Mouriquand


What technique to choose for the repair of anterior forms of hypospadias: Snodgrass or duplay?   [Abstract]



Posterior hypospadias and 46 XY dSd: where is the frontier?   [Abstract]

A. Moro-Enemuwe, D. Aubert


Epidemiological study of hypospadias induced by diethylstil- bestrol (DES): an exponential trans-generation effect   [Abstract]

N. Kalfa , F. Paris , MO. Soyer-Gobillard avec l’association Hhorages , RB. Galifer ,JP. Daures , C. Sultan


Preoperative preparation with erythropoietin for hypospadias surgery   [Abstract]

M. Renaux-Petel, M. Beurdeley, D. Comte, A. Liard-Zmuda


Cure of hypospadias: does “open” urinary drainage increase the risk for urinary infections?   [Abstract]

D. Comte, M. Renaux-Petel, M. Beurdeley, MP. Tavolacci, F. Akpéné, A. Liard


Is hypospadias surgery taught during the residency program in France?   [Abstract]

J. Rod, T. Petit, P. Ravasse


Pure gonadal dygenesis and tumor risk: a report of 10 cases   [Abstract]

C. Capito, MD. Leclair, A. Arnaud, N. Corradini, S. Baron, A. David, Y. Heloury


Management of the vaginal aplasia: a report of 9 cases   [Abstract]

A. Ranke, JL. Lemelle, M. Schmitt


Functional sequelae after renal trauma   [Abstract]

Q. Ballouhey, F. Lemasson, L. Carfagna, A. Le Mandat, J. Guitard, J. Moscovici, P. Galinier


Xantogranulomatous diffuse pyelonephritis in infants   [Abstract]

O. Bouali, H. Oumarou, K. Chaumoître, M. Panuel, P. Alessandrini, T. Merrot


Pseudotumoral and focal xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis: diagnostic difficulties and efficiency of the conservative treatment   [Abstract]

M. Gasmi, F. Fitouri, R. Jemaï, N. Sghaïroun, A. Essid, S. Sahli, M. Hamzaoui




Forty-four cases of labial hemangioma: therapeutic management   [Abstract]

M.Maillet Declerck, G. Poiret, C. Chopinet Degrugillier, GM. Brevière , P. Pellerin, V. Duquennoy - Martinot


Excision of a frontal subcutaneous angioma by videosurgery   [Abstract]

E. Guye, M. Lopez, MB Hardy, F. Lardellier, F. Varlet


The frequency of the Poland syndrome is underestimated   [Abstract]

I. James


Obstetrical brachial plexus paralysis: report of 35 cases   [Abstract]

FF. Mouafo Tambo, OG. Andzé


Surgical Furlow procedure: report of 30 cases   [Abstract]

C. François-Fiquet, R. Le Pendeven, V . Martinot, P. Pellerin


One time surgery for bilateral labial cleft   [Abstract]

M. Glikpo, C. François-Fiquet, D. Chaouadi, H. Ludot, S. Daoud, ML. Poli-Mérol


Isolated labio-palatine clefts: importance of postnatal radiological examinations   [Abstract]

JN. Mcheik , V. Couvrat , ME. Gatibelza , S. Maurin , C. Grosos, J. Gaudin , G. Levard


Darier-Ferrand dermatofibrosarcoma: three pediatric cases   [Abstract]

S. El Batti, N. Cardot-Leccia, J. Bréaud, JP. Lacour, F. Pedeutour, JY. Kurzenne



Antenatal diagnosis of the ano-rectal malformations   [Abstract]

G. Podevin, L. Hamon, MD. Leclair, C. Camby, Y. Heloury


Congenital colon pouch: antenatal diagnosis and videoassisted surgery: report of 2 cases   [Abstract]

J. Lopater, M. Haddad, P. de Lagausie, JM. Guys


Rectal and colonic atresia: new indication of the Soave endoanal pull-through   [Abstract]

M. Gasmi, F. Fitouri, R. Jemaï, N. Sghaïroun, S. Sahli, A. Essid, M. Hamzaoui


Less invasive technique of taking of the gluteus maximus muscle for graciloplasty   [Abstract]

M. Valla, JS. Valla, H. Steyaert, M. Juricic, J. Lauron


Laparoscopic total colectomies in children   [Abstract]

M. François, S. Irtan, A. Bonnard, P. de Lagausie, H. Staeyert, JS. Valla, M. Demarche, P. Erpicum, H. Lardy, M. Robert, G. Podevin, Y.Héloury, O. Reinberg, P. Montupet, H. Martelli, JF. Colombani, D. Weil, C. Piolat, M. Lopez, E. Guye, F. Varlet


Hirschsprung disease and associated malformations. Epidemiologic study and report of 80 cases   [Abstract]

A. Charieg, T. Chouikh, F. Nouira, M. Ben Dhaou, S. Ghorbel, R. Khemakhem, S. Jlidi, S. Ben Khalifa, B. Chaouachi


Report of a rare esophageal duplication   [Abstract]

A. Schneider , F. Donnars , D. Coumaros , S. Geiss , F. Becmeur


Sequellary food behavior disorders after surgery for esophage- al atresia   [Abstract]

J. Breaud, M. Albertini, V. Triolo, S. Desmet, F. Casagrande, JY. Kurzenne , F. Bastiani, JS. Valla, S. Beaumier


 Long-term evolution of the children operated for esophageal atresia (EA)   [Abstract]

R. Sfeir, C. Legrand-Brogniart, L. Michaud, M. Bonnevalle, F. Gottrand, R. Besson


Anastomotic stricture after esophageal atresia surgery   [Abstract]

R. Sfeir, L. Michaud, M. Bonnevalle,RH. Priso , E. Aubry, F. Gottrand, R. Besson


Esophageal congenital stenosis in children   [Abstract]

F. Couttenier, R. Sfeir, G. Podevin, P. Chomette, A. Maurel, M. Dassonville , C. Borderon, A. Dabadie , D. Weil , A. Breton , A. Leke Lokombe , A. Morali , L. Michaud


Symptomatic acquired tracheal diverticulum after type III esophageal atresia: endoscopic treatment   [Abstract]

D. Weil, L. Laccourreye, MO. Foucher , JP. Monrigal . H. Charrot, L. Coupris, J. Dubin


Thyroid surgery in children and teenager: a necessary implication of the pediatric surgeons: report of 45 interventions   [Abstract]

L. Coupris, R. Coutant, N. Bouhours, F. Gatelais, S. Rouleau, E. Eyssartier, D. Geslin, D. Weil


Early total thyroidectomy in children exposed to the risk of hereditary medullary cancer: report of 17 observations   [Abstract]

L. Coupris, R. Coutant, N. Bouhours, F. Gatelais, V. Rohmer, E. Eyssartier, D. Geslin, D. Weil.


Information by play: an interesting approach to dedramatise the surgery   [Abstract]

M. Thépaut, J. Kerbiriou,C. Le Rouzic, S. Guillerm, S. Bertaux, P. De vries, I. Germouty, B. Fenoll


Long-term follow-up and quality of life after a thoracic wall resection   [Abstract]

C. Klein, E. Aubry, E. Thebaut, R. Besson, M. Bonnevalle


Diagnostic profitability and therapeutic interest of the pulmo- nary biopsies in diffuse interstitial pneumopathies   [Abstract]

S. Benbouzid , A. Paye-Jaouen, N. Beydon , A. Kheniche , D. Berrebi , A. El Ghoneimi , A. Bonnard


Surgical treatment indications in the newborn patent arterial duct   [Abstract]

E. Haraux, G. Kongolo, A. Leke, S. Goudjil, P .Buisson, M. Hamzy, J. Ricard, G. Krim, JP. Canarelli


Medium and long term follow-up in children operated for bronchial dilations: retrospective study and report of 65 cases   [Abstract]

H. François-Coridon, E. Aubry, A. Deschildre, C. Thumerelle, R. Sfeir, R. Matran, R. Besson, M. Bonnevalle


Thoracoscopic excision of antenatal diagnosed lung malformations   [Abstract]

J. Lemelle, G. de Miscault, P. Droulle, M. Schmitt.


Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid lung Malformation: what is the risk of degeneration?   [Abstract]

A. Victor, JC. Dubus, C. Fernandes, F. Nicolas, G. Gorincour, JM. Guys, P. de Lagausie


Pectus Excavatum: benefits of the mini invasive treatment (Nuss procedure) in children and adolescents   [Abstract]

L. Mefat, F. Lavrand, F. Becmeur, A. Schneider, P. Vergnes