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Volume 3 No.1


Cochlear implant: a chance for a normal life 

Simona Serban

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Page 5

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Single Port Laparoscopic Assisted Cholangiogram for Suspected Biliary Atresia

Iftikhar A Jan, Anwarul Haq, Mudassar Gondal, Ubaidullah Khan, Mohammad Asif

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 6-8

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Diagnostic Laparoscopy and Appendicectomy for Children with Chronic Right Iliac Fossa Pain – An Aggregate Analysis.

Paul Charlesworth, Anies Mahomed

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 9-14

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Evolving Surgical Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid Pseudocyst of the Abdomen

Rakesh Handa, Ravi Kale, Man Mohan Harjai

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 15-17

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Laparoscopic Partial Splenectomies in Children for Hereditary Spherocytosis

P. de Lagausie, D. Kalfa, I. Thuret, S. Le Bel, J.M. Guy

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 18-21

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A Possible Association Between Interstitial Cells of Cajal and Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase in Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis

Christina Panteli, Antonios Filippopoulos, Eleni Vrettou, Konstantinos Kallergis, Athanasios Zavitsanakis

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 22-25

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Comparison of Systemic Stress Response in Open Surgery Versus Laparoscopic Surgery in Children

Man Mohan Harjai, Anil Kumar

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 26-31

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Review of Cases Operated with Snodgrass Technique

H.Gozar, V.Gliga, A. Borda, M. Turcu

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 32-35

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Development of Artificial Blood Vessel Using Bacterial Cellulose

Kwon Mun Hyok , Han Gyong Ae

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 36-39

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Congenital Lumbar Hernia:Two Case Reports and a Review of the Literature

Esposito C., Settimi A., De Marco M., Alicchio F., Giurin I., Perricone F., De Fazio C., Esposito G.

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 40- 42

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Robotic– Assited Heller’s Myotomy for Two Children with Allgrove’s Syndrome

Aayed Al-Qahtani, Ahmed H. Al-Salem

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 43-45 

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Torsion of the Vermiform Appendix-Report of 2 cases

Réka Somogyi, Balázs Kutasy, István Csízy, E. Cholnoky,G. Mohay, Rita Hajdu, András Pintér

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 46-47

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Successful NonSurgical Management of a Huge Life Threatening Cervicomediastinal Cystic Hygroma 

Ashraf H. M. Ibrahim, Ahmed Kandeel, Mohamed F. Bazeed

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 48-49

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A Case of Ovarian Torsion with a Serous Cyst and Coexisting Serous Cystadenoma in the Contraleteral Ovary

Dolunay Alver, Cengiz Gül, Aysenur Cerrah Celayir, Davut Sahin

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 50-53

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Successful Conservative Treatment of Spontaneous Splenic Rupture in a 14 Year Old Female with Infectious Mononucleosis

Enrica Rossi, Cosimo Bleve, Marco Libanore, Andrea Franchella

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 54-55

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Auditory Neuropathy in Romanian Hearing Impaired Children

Simona Serban, Bogdan Mocanu

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 56-59

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Delayed Arterial Switch in D-transposition of the Great Arteries – Salvage Solution or Compromise?

Horatiu Suciu, Anca Sglimbea, Radu Deac

April 2009 | Volume 3 | No.1 |  Pages 60-62

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