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Complications in Laparoscopic Repair of Rectal Prolapse in Children. Case Report and Review of Literature - Abstract

Mohamed Shoukry, Munther Haddad



Aim of study: Literature review of complications in laparoscopic repair of complete rectal prolapse in children and reporting of unusual presentation of adhesive bowel obstruction.

Materials and method: We present the case of an 11-year-old healthy girl has been referred with persistent rectal prolapse. Patient underwent laparoscopic rectosigmoidopexy with mesh. Two months post-surgery, she presented with symptoms of bowel obstruction. Laparotomy findings confirmed 2-bands of adhesions adherent to mesh. Post-operative was uneventful. We also review published English language literatures.

Discussions: Six series adopted laparoscopic treatment for persistent rectal prolapse in childhood. Median age was 6.9 years. No intraoperative complications were reported. Postoperative complications were reported with no significant morbidity and mortality. We report first case with adhesive bowel obstruction post laparoscopic mesh repair.

Conclusion: Small number of trials reported role of laparoscopy in management of complete rectal prolapse becomes common and improving functional outcome. Surgical complications can still happen; however current practise doesn’t show significant morbidity and mortality.

Keywords: laparoscopic repair, rectal prolapse, children, complications.

doi: 10.21614/jpss.11.1.25

Citation: J Pediatr Surg Spec. 2017;11(1):25-28


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